Hurricane Florence IMS Response

Hurricane Florence left behind catastrophic damage in September, 2018 when it delivered trillions of gallons of rain in NC, SC, VA, GA, TN and MD. It claimed the lives of 17 people, grounded thousands of flights, caused massive power outages and required tens of thousands of Americans to seek temporary shelter.

Temporary shelters are set up in a variety of community locations including school gymnasiums, churches and stadiums. In order to house thousands of people essential equipment is required, functional beds are often one of the most critical pieces of equipment during these events. This is where Integrity Medical Solutions, Inc. sprang into action to deliver hundreds of Westcot Special Needs and Bariatric Special Needs Cots to multiple temporary shelters scattered across Eastern North Carolina.

Uhaul trucks were filled to capacity with Westcots and essential Emergency Provisions, they were then delivered to shelter locations at all hours of the night. Over a 72 hour period IMS would travel over 2,500 miles, deliver to 7 temporary shelters, and assisted over 700 displaced people experiencing extreme difficulties.

Tremendous feats can be overcome when all sectors of a community communicate openly to achieve common goals. IMS believes in providing compassion of care for our most at risk populations, those tasked with responding deserve adequate support, and those displaced deserve the best network of support available.

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