DonorEase Tilt

Item # DET

The DonorEase™ Tilt is based on the same design platform and manufacturing specifications as the DonorEase™ Comfort while providing the ability to treat donor reactions. By simply releasing a pin, the donor is quickly and easily placed in the Trendelenberg position.

Product Information


  • Easily reclines for treatment of donor reaction
  • “Quick Switch” – The Replaceable Mattress Deck
  • Powder Coated Steel Construction for Durability and Easy Decontamination
  • Medical Grade Upholstery – Easy to Clean, Stain Resistant, Abrasion Resistant
  • Interchangeable Upholstered Arm Rest
  • Multi-Position Upholstered Pillow
  • Integrated “Donor Cubby” for storage of donor’s personal effects
  • Wider mattress with less floor space than conventional beds”
  • More Beds = More Collections = More Profit

Accessories / Options Available

  • All-In-One Arm Rest: Multi-Pivoting Arm Rest featuring Angle / Height Adjuster
  • Replacement “Quick Switch” Mattress Deck
  • Protective Head & Foot Covers
  • Incorporated Electrical Outlet
  • Custom Color Frame and Mattress

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