Westcot Biohazard

Item # WCBH

The WCBH Cot is made from hi-strength open weave black mesh decking on an aluminum frame.  It is designed to be used in decontamination applications.  The mesh weave allows for water and small particles to pass through as a patient is being treated usually with large amounts of water or Saline to remove contaminants efficiently.  The cot is low cost, lightweight and stows away easily; the cot that can be quickly deployed used multiple times, disposed of our returned to storage once approved by your Decontamination Task Force. 

Product Information


  • 250 lbs working capacity

  • Spun Tube Ends

  • Reinforced Decking

  • Anti-Tilt Stabilizing Bars

Comfort and Patient Benefits:

  • Spring and Deck Design
  • 2” Convoluted Foam Mattress
  • 32” x 80” Sleeping Surface
  • Wheelchair Transferrable Height – 18”
  • 5 Position Head Elevator with Locking Cord


  • Lightweight Rust Proof Aluminum Frame – 18 lbs

  • Folding Design for Easy Storage – 24” x 39” x 6”

  • Westcart Rolling Storage Rack Available

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