12 x WCEDS


This offer is for 12 palletized Westcot Emergency Disaster Survivor Cots with stow on board safety rails and iv poles. Freight is an estimation and costs are dependent on multiple variables to be identified by the client. 


WCEDS Palletized Dimensions (Qty 12): 40 x 48 x 84 @ 460 lbs


WCEDS Dimensions
42 x 32 x 8" (Stored)
80 x 32 x 18” (Deployed)
28 Lb. Curb Weight
450 Lb. Working Capacity
Exceeds IMS Settle Load Testing at 15,000 Cycles (x 450 Lbs.)
Friction Welded (Spun) Tubular Ends
Heavy Duty Leg Locks
Reinforced Vinyl Coated Decking
Wide Patient Restraint Belt
Antimicrobial Soil Resistant Triple Layer Vinyl Mattress
Antimicrobial Soil Resistant Decking Material
Easy to Decontaminate
All Materials Exceed FED STD 1633 for Flammability
ADA Compliant
Safety and Instructional Labeling
Comfort & Client Benefits
5 Position Head Elevator with Locking Cord
2" Convoluted Foam Mattress
Customizable Sleeping Surface
Wheelchair Transferrable Height
Spring and Deck Design
Combined Spring Stretch Resistance of 5,472 Lbs.
Lightweight Rust Proof Aluminum Frame
Stores Securely for Rapid Deployment
Optional Stow on Board Safety Rails
Optional Stow On Board IV Pole
Functional Needs Care, Mass Care, Surge Capacity, & Hospital Surge Capacity Programs

Westcot Emergency Disaster Survivor Cot (WCEDS) 12 Pack


    Tube Enterprises, Inc. dba Integrity Medical Solutions, Inc.

    US Manufacturing Operations: 1028 Railraod Ave. Shelby, NC 28152
    TIN 20-1590871 / 20-4604067
    704.692.5417 (M)
    855.505.9267 (TF)
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