The Westcot All Terrain Shelter in Place 8 Person Package (WCATSIP8P) was designed with Responder safety at the epicenter of our focus. WCATSIP8P enables rapid deployment of essential Shelter in Place Cots (WCSIP) and equipment to nearly any environment. The Westcart AT8 heavy-duty deployment cart outfitted with four all-terrain casters allows for fluid movement and zero deflation concerns. Two of the allterrain casters afford high strength locking systems which increase operational safety. There are eight Westcot Shelter in Place Cots (WCSIP) paired inside of four Westcot Rapid Deployment Bags (WCRDBSIP). The WCSIP are designed to provide compassionate care for those tasked with caring for displaced populations. The WCRDBSIP are designed to Reduce Responder Injuries, Increase Deployment Efficiency, and Protect your
Westcot investment. The whole package is covered in a Triple Layer Vinyl which is antimicrobial, soil resistant, and puncture resistant.
WCATSIP8P Dimensions: 39 x 43 x 74 @ 402 Lbs.
WCSIP Deployed Dimension: 80 x 32 x 18 @ 28 Lbs.
WCRDBSIP – Houses Two WCSIP/per

Westcot All Terrain Shelter In Place 8 Person (WCATSIP8P)


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